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Creative people power – that combination of creativity and engagement – is a key ingredient in thriving communities. Artists are building that power in communities all over, and we believe that sharing their stories connects and inspires people. See highlights from our artist profiles below, or see all the artist profiles here.

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With over 200 stories in the archives, there’s lots to discover on Creative Exchange, so here’s an easy way to get caught up on the most recent artist profiles!

Artists in Community

Communities thrive and are resilient when they are welcoming, creative, and participatory. Here are highlights of artists whose work is around creative community engagement, shaping and responding to the world around them.

Bridging the Rural-Urban Narrative

We live in a time when there is lots of built-up narrative about what it means to be “urban,” what it means to be “rural,” and that those two things are in opposition. But artists are making a living and a life, contributing to their communities, and imagining the future across all geographies. Shake away some of those narratives with these profiles of rural arts at work.

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From Muslim hip-hop to rural arts residencies, Creative Exchange has featured stories from artists all across America. Browse by tags for location or subject with the tag clouds below.

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