practical artist-created toolkits to spark change and stories to inspire connection

Creative Exchange is a platform sharing artful ideas for stronger communities, and is the national program of Springboard for the Arts. On this platform we share stories of artists and their impact in community, and free, practical toolkits for artist-engaged programs, from professional development to creative placemaking to fun projects to bring people together. Get connected to resources and get inspired!

We believe in creative people power, and want to share a narrative about the value and creative power of artists. We want to share the successes, strategies and challenges that artists and communities have when working together. And we want to tell stories at all scales, from the artists creating small moments of surprise on their block to the large-scale cross-sector creative partnerships. Find those stories in our profiles of Artists with Impact.

A major part of the work of Creative Exchange is to remind you that you are not alone. This work of creative people power is being done in so many ways, by so many people. We share stories and toolkits freely, and you can too. Stay up to date with events, calls, partner content and broader explorations on the work of art and community in our Special Features.

Across the country, artists, arts organizations, businesses and governments are doing creative, expansive work that is shaping the world we live in. We collect and share practical, proven resources for these creative projects so that you can spark change in your community. Replicate a program like Community Supported Art directly, or use a toolkit as a way to start a conversation with partners. Browse them all, and get your free resources on the Toolkits page.

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