Find An Artist Toolkit

Artists are everywhere, and have enormous capacity to shape the world around us! This toolkit was created by Springboard for the Arts as a tool to help organizations in finding, commissioning and hiring artists to create work. This toolkit walks through different types of calls, budgeting and timeline processes, and sample templates to inspire your work.

Since you are looking at a toolkit to help find an artist, you may already know why you need an artist. But maybe you need to convince other people or you want other ways to say it. Well, here you go!


  • Are creative problem solvers and bring their brains to your work.
  • Bring people together and make amazing art while doing it.
  • Are in every community and can help you tap into their networks and connections.
  • Attract new attention and media exposure.
  • Are professionals and when you deal with pros, it shows!

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If you’re having issues with the form or have other questions, click here to request the free toolkit, or email Carl at with questions.

This toolkit was created as part of the Creative Exchange Leading Organizations pilot.

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