Ready Go Toolkit

Ready Go is a resource from Springboard for the Arts that connects neighborhoods, non-profits, businesses and individuals to artist-created, mobile tools that are purpose-built to pique curiosity and prompt interaction. Ready Go functions as a mechanism (think Equipment Rental or Etsy) that allows artists to offer proven, existing tools for hire. Ready Go started in 2015, sparked by the realization that there were many artists with mobile projects that could be hired, but not an easily accessible way to reach those tools. Over at the site, Ready Go now hosts 22 mobile artist tools, and has returned over $90,000 in additive income to artists in 3 years.

Now there is a toolkit for those interested in replicating the platform, or aspects of the project. The Ready Go toolkit is designed for a variety of audiences, collecting our resources and learning from doing the work. It includes our worksheets and resource lists for artists who want to think about making their work mobile. It has a sample RFQ and ideas for organizations, cities, or others who might want to commission a mobile artist tool. Read more about Ready Go and how it is being used by cities and partnered with healthcare clinics in Creative Exchange, and get the toolkit with the form below!

If you’re having issues with the form or have other questions, click here to request the free toolkit, or email Carl at with questions.