The Road To A Community Plan

Creating a community plan that is strategic about engagement & provides opportunities for underrepresented groups to be involved can be a daunting proposal, but is critical to effective engagement.

This research, conducted on behalf of Macalester-Groveland Community Council and the City of Saint Paul, MN, and supported by the Kris Nelson Community-Based Research Program, a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota, outlines a path towards that strategic engagement.

This toolkit includes tools that are intended to offer best practices; insights to guide the conversation between district councils & their respective communities as they develop their own unique approaches to the community plan. This includes suggestions for verbal, creative, media-based and experiential tools that can be used as part of a community planning process, or part of any process that seeks to draw out local insights and knowledge.

Watch a conversation about this toolkit here. This toolkit is available for free via CURA.

If you’re having issues with the form or have other questions, click here to request the free toolkit, or email Carl at with questions.

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