HE-HO: A Toolkit for Health and Housing Resources

Everyone needs a place to live, including artists. Artists may also have additional space needs for their work, adding potential barriers to seeking out effective housing and space solutions. One of the best way to build awareness and relationships to break down those barriers is to find a way to bring people together in the same room. Enter HE-HO, a health and housing resources fair!

This toolkit was created by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council and modeled after their 2013 fair. The toolkit includes a list of organizations which support housing for artists, a mini-toolkit for Be Well! Pittsburgh on creating and sharing health resources, and ideas for events, budgeting, childcare and partners. Get the toolkit as a handy PDF, delivered right to your inbox!

If you’re having issues with the form or have other questions, click here to request the free toolkit, or email Carl at creativeexchange@springboardforthearts.org with questions.

This toolkit was created as part of the Creative Exchange Leading Organizations pilot.