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At Springboard for the Arts, we believe that more is more. We make and share tools designed to benefit as many artists as possible. By freely sharing our work and creating connections among artists and communities, we work to make substantial, system-wide change. That’s why we make toolkits for our programs, and share them freely as downloadable PDFs.

But we also know how a tangible object, creatively designed, can spark inspiration and aid learning. So we are delighted to offer hard copies of the Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists curriculum and the Handbook for Artists Working in Community for sale!

These workbooks are perfect for individual study, ready to be marked up and annotated, or as a textbook in a classroom or workshop setting. Both books are full-color and spiral bound, with illustration and design by Cori Nakamura Lin. The Handbook for Artists Working in Community was initially released in August 2020, and the Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists curriculum was released in an updated and expanded edition in October 2020. Priced individually at $45 apiece with discounts for buying both or in bulk. See below for details about the books, and links for the free download, or purchase the workbooks directly via Springboard for the Arts’ Big Cartel online shop:

Covers for Handbook for Artists Working in Community and Work of Art

Springboard’s Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists is a professional development curriculum designed to teach core business skills to artists in all disciplines. Artists can use the whole series or individual modules, and the curriculum is available for people interested in leading the workshops and offering professional development resources. The Work of Art series has been taught by Springboard for the Arts at arts organizations, libraries and colleges, and replicated across the country by artists, arts organizations, and colleges and universities. The new update is a 210 page, full-color book, including:

-Expanded context and insights from working artists
-New exercises to help build practical working skills
-New section on Engaging Customers & Selling Your Work
-Handy expanded glossary of terms for quick reference

Get the free PDF download here:

The Handbook for Artists Working in Community was developed for artists anywhere on the journey of community-engaged work – whether you are just beginning to think about extending your artistic practice to working with community, or whether you’ve been immersed in community and want to deepen your practice. You might work within your “own” communities, or you might be a guest in another community. Or you might just be starting to think about how your creative practice could impact the people and places you love.

This handbook is a 106 page practical manual for individual artists who would like to begin or deepen this kind of artistic practice – work in and work with community. The stories, tools, and wisdom shared here were gathered from artists and creative practitioners who regularly do this work across the country, including Springboard staff Jun-Li Wang, Michele Anderson, and Peter Haakon Thompson. Get the free PDF download here:

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