Video of From the Field: Imagining the Future of Being a Good Relative

Mary Bordeaux and Peter Strong of Racing Magpie joined Ashley Hanson of The Department of Public Transformation on December 11 for From the Field: Imagining the Future of Being a Good Relative. Based in Rapid City, South Dakota, Racing Magpie is a hub for creativity, congregation, sustainability, and learning, with a focus on Native and regional artists. This wide-ranging conversation touched on topics like how to show up and stay in long-term relationships, the shortcomings of the English language to connect to the themes of being a good relative, and expanding the understanding of who and what is covered in the idea – we are all in this together! Watch below, and check out more recommendations from Peter and Mary.

Supplementary media recommendations from Peter and Mary:
-Ella Deloria’s Waterlily (book) and Speaking of Indians (book)
-Layli Long Soldier’s poetry here and here, and the book Whereas
-Spend time finding Lakota artists who are actively creating all over the region and the country and listen to their voices that they share through their artwork from many mediums – the Racing Magpie website is a great place to start

Catch up with the episode with Blue Sky Center on Imagining the Future of Artists as Economic Developers, and stay tune for more From the Field offerings to come in 2021!