Artists’ Health Fair

Navigating healthcare and health insurance resources can be complex, and creating effective programs can take a lot of time, resources and relationships. This toolkit is great for replicating a whole program, but if you are just looking for a place to start, try this Teeny Toolkit with four small things that you can do to connect your community to healthcare: Get it here.

Access to healthcare is one of the biggest career threats to making a life as an individual artist. However, no matter which state you live in, there are public healthcare programs, low-cost health clinics and reliable health insurance brokers. And chances are, there are non-profit organizations and social workers that know the healthcare system and resources inside and out.

Luckily, there is also an easily accessible format for reaching out to these resources. Health Fairs have been, and continue to be, the healthcare industry’s standard for outreach and education. Most importantly, all of your work culminates in an event that brings the arts community in direct contact with these resources.

This toolkit, created by Springboard for the Arts and Leveraging Investments in Creativity, will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating an Artists’ Health Fair and Guide to Healthcare for Artists, complete with logistical pointers and lessons we’ve learned from our program in the Twin Cities. This toolkit is available for free from Springboard for the Arts, with an option for phone/Skype consultations starting at $45.
Artists’ Health Fair At-A-Glance

  • Springboard for the Arts hosted the first Artists’ Health Fair in 2006 in St. Paul
  • Since then Springboard for the Arts has hosted seven Artists’ Health Fairs in Minnesota, connecting over 1,000 artists with health care
  • Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Fargo have used the Artists’ Health Fairs toolkit to replicate the project in their cities

If you’re having issues with the form or have other questions, click here to request the free toolkit, or email Carl at with questions.