Neighborhood Postcard Project

Perceptions of marginalized communities often form from single media sources. All you see on the news is the violence, drugs, and poverty. But, there are many positive stories that exist in these communities. Stories that need to be heard.

The Neighborhood Postcard Project collects personal positive neighborhood stories from residents in marginalized communities and sends them out to random people in the same city to break down stereotypes and foster community connection.

The project began in San Francisco in 2013 and has since been adopted in cities around the world. Help break down negative stereotypes and build community. Start the project in your city today!

The Neighborhood Postcard Project toolkit contains tips, resources, and downloadable high resolution postcard template files to make it quick, easy, and fun to start this unique storytelling exchange in your community. This toolkit is available for free via the neighborhood Postcard Project.

Neighborhood Postcard Project At-A-Glance

  • Over 6,700 people have participated in the project since 2012
  • 19 communities have organized Neighborhood Postcard Projects including Detroit, Chattanooga, TN, and Youngstown, Ohio
  • Use the Neighborhood Postcard project model for your own neighborhood data collection and story sharing!

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