Imagine Fergus Falls

Transforming the Kirkbride: Fergus Falls faces mental health issues & historic preservation with art

In Fergus Falls, Minnesota, one structure dominates the landscape more than any other. Spanning the length of eight football fields, the 700,000-square foot building with its red-tiled, turreted…

Carlton Turner

The ROOTS of Transformation: A Place of Action Alongside Community

Alternate ROOTS is a 39-year-old Southern based arts organization that supports artists working at the intersection of arts and activism. The organization was founded at the Highlander Center in…

Kyle Rosfeld

Kyle Rosfeld builds boots the cowboy way

Kyle Rosfeld wears a cowboy hat and cowboy shoes. His friendly face sports a neatly-trimmed mustache that is reminiscent of men's turn-of-the-century shaving ads – the 19th century,…